Arm Chair

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Clare Arm Chair
CLARE ARM CHAIR Medium priced fully upholstered Durable, hard wearing covers ..
Ex Tax: £120.00
Gemma Arm Chair
GEMMA ARM CHAIR High Back Armchair giving extra neck Support Fully upholstered ..
Ex Tax: £130.00
Lucy Arm Chair
LUCY ARM CHAIR Comfortable fully upholstered armchair. Also available Sofa and suii..
Ex Tax: £145.00
New York Arm Chair
NEW YORK ARMCHAIR Comfortable boxy armchair Upholstered in a soft fabric avai..
Ex Tax: £170.00
Roma Arm Chair
ROMA ARM CHAIR Beautifully styled​ fully upholstered armchair Available as a single..
Ex Tax: £190.00
Shell Arm Chair
SHELL ARMCHAIR A low priced fully upholstered armchair With a fixed sprung seat ..
Ex Tax: £115.00
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